Pulse Professional™

Pulse Professional™ is a local on-premise monitoring, control and data collection platform capable of connecting to systems, devices and sensors. Like Pulse Essential™, Pulse Professional™ supports hundreds of communication protocols. The platform features advanced visualization capabilities for enterprise operations, as well as a powerful engine for managing alerts, events, conditional execution of automated operations, scheduling operations, process workflow management and more.

Pulse Professional™ is offered both as a standalone product and as a component of the Pulse Suite™ comprehensive solution and is therefore suitable for both simple and local solutions as well as complex corporate systems. Extensive knowledge and experience has been applied to Pulse Professional™ as it is the next generation of Pulse monitoring and control software. Pulse and its predecessor P-CIM has been offered to our customers for nearly three decades.

Pulse Professional™ primary goal is to provides a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) solution. SCADA solutions include display and control capabilities (HMI), alerts display and management, automation capabilities, and data collection capabilities. All of these are included with Pulse Professional™ which also offers extended capabilities providing more decision support tools for operations manager.

Pulse Professional™ is designed for small, medium and large systems, operating in a single site and running on a single server.

Main Features

Support for hundreds of communication protocols including dedicated support for specific devices (such as various industrial controllers), support for vendor-independent sharing protocols (such as OPC – an interoperability standard for the secure and reliable exchange of data in the industrial automation), and support for common dedicated control systems (lighting controls, alarm systems, fire alarms, cameras, parking controls, etc.).

Automatic detection capability of certain devices and systems (saving on setup and implementation time).

Advanced visualization capabilities (combining static and dynamic objects, complex objects, rich and constantly updated object library, management dashboards, system synoptic views, and more).

Alert management (automatic action and rules based on defined and complex conditions).

Event management (handling, logging and tracking ability of an event from a defined trigger to the closure of the handling)

Manage complex automated operations using Scripts, Workflow Process rules, and Recipes.

Calendar management and scheduled operations.

Hierarchical tree mapping and tagging capabilities of data and data sources according to organizational structure and functional structure of the system.

Support multiple users simultaneously, at different levels and different needs of the organization.

User and authorization management, Audit Trail management.

Ability to collect and store information (Data Logging) including raw information (from various sources), information on alerts and events, and information regarding the use of the system (Audit Trail).

Automatically push reports and dashboard according to specific conditions, on different platforms (email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.)

Support for optional extensions including:

  • Support for external tables, files and databases as a source of information
  • Powerful report generator that enables retrieval, statistical analysis and graphical reporting of historical information in various formats.
  • Remote access to use by smartphone and tablets – Pulse Mobile ™.
  • Support for Geographic Information System (GIS) for integrating dynamic maps with display.

For complex or sensitive systems:

  • Redundancy and Hot Backup (DRC) disaster recovery support
  • Support for security and documentation standards such as FDA CFR21 Part 11 (intended for use primarily by US government agencies and medical and food companies. This standard is primarily aimed at information that includes digital and electronic signature by a specific individual).
  • Support for additional communication servers for geographical deployment and connection

Built-in IDE (Integrated Development Environment) – a graphic tool for project and application development. It is possible to use this built-in tool or to rely of our advanced cloud-based development with additional capabilities (Pulse Studio™). The development tools include basic templates for quick implementation of common systems and applications.

Possible addons to Pulse Professional™

Some of the features are implemented by interfacing external tools, software services and external modules in collaboration with providers of such.

Human resource management option – shift management capability, connectivity to HR systems (reporting and authorization), monitoring and reporting of staff and employee location (requires appropriate hardware devices).

Asset management option – asset definition capability (such as stationary and mobile equipment items) and ability to track location and use (appropriate hardware devices are required), resources and asset assignment ability (assignment module required) and reporting capability.

Maintenance management option – ability to integrate maintenance management tools. Such tools are designed to define items and devices requiring maintenance management, schedule maintenance activities, automate service calls based on fault detection, contacting maintenance service providers, monitoring maintenance operations, and more. Implementation requires external tools.

Option for implementing BI capabilities – Ability to configure dashboards and management boards that include graphical elements and data from all information sources connected to the system. The information presented includes real-time information and historical statistical information in various sections of the information collected by the system. It is implemented through the integration of external tools.

Other optional dedicated applications:

  • Energy management module – optimization of the use of different energy sources (different time electricity company, generators, solar systems). Implemented using a combination of external tools.
  • Resource Assignment module – Automatic assignment capability (with and without human intervention) of requirements and resources (machinery and equipment items, crews, vehicles, etc.). Implemented using a combination of external tools.
  • MES – Production Management – Interface to other management systems (for example, receiving work orders, work plans and production tasks) and monitoring the execution of production plans. Implemented using a combination of external tools.
  • Additional applications according to market needs, collaborations and business development.

* not supported in Pulse Essential™
** General Availability planned for Q4/2020

Who Can Benefit from using Pulse Professional™?

Solution Providers

integrators and application development companies looking to combine their knowledge and experience in specific areas (such as building management, production systems management, energy management, etc.) with a powerful and flexible platform – in order to develop complete solutions for end customers.

Equipment Manufacturers

who need software management tools for them or as a complementary product for their customers

End Customers

Usually through solution providers or professional consultants, but also with their own capacity of implementing solutions.

Due to the integration of the additional features that are not supported in Pulse Essential™, Pulse Professional™ is suitable for customers who need integrative solutions where the operations is a key component of the activity and is required to implement complete solutions from Afcon Software Solutions (such as Pulse BMS ™).

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