Pulse BMS™

by Afcon Software Solutions

integrates data from your building operational systems, together with your financial and economic data, and transforms it into essential business knowledge.

*General Availability planned for Q4/2020

When designing Pulse BMS™
we had the following goals in mind:

Meet the need for immediate and fast deploying solution to provide BMS system that can integrate with existing systems and infrastructure.

Provide tools to reduce the yearly operational cost of the building based on monitoring and controlling the energy and consumption and resource utilization

Provide tools to track and solve technical problems much faster and therefore provide more comfort and safety to all occupants on one side and reach better resource utilization from the other side.

Pulse BMS™ Value Proposition

By choosing Pulse BMS™ you gain significant values:

Pulse BMS

Pulse BMS™ monitors and control all the systems in your building

Electricity, HVAC, lighting, water boiling, access control, elevators, fence perimeter, CCTV, etc.

Pulse BMS

Pulse BMS™ can help you optimize the operational costs of your building

Provide data in monetary values, so you get costs in real time as well as benchmarking and historical comparisons.

Pulse BMS™ is suitable for

Hospitals and healthcare centers
Shopping centers
Military facilities
International airports
Courts of law
Office buildings
Parking lots
Industrial plants
Governmental facilities
Financial institutions
University campuses

pulse studio

for application development and maintenance

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pulse exucutive

for managerial insights and analytics, and additional addons specifically chosen for BMS applications.

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pulse professional

for runtime execution on site

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pulse enterprise

for runtime execution on site

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