Pulse EV™

by Afcon Software Solutions

Software solution designed to provide a solution for managing and controlling Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) such as charging units and related infrastructure

*General Availability planned for Q4/2020

When designing Pulse EV™
we had the following goals in mind:

Meet the need for immediate and fast deploying solution to provide EVSE infrastructure within the limits of a given or changing electricity power supply.

Meet the need for immediate solutions to provide EVSE infrastructure in low volumes, without investing in high cost infrastructure

Meet the need to design solutions that are planned for the expected growth but are flexible enough to start with low volume implementations.

Pulse EV™ Value Proposition

By choosing Pulse EV™ you gain three significant values:


Pulse EV™ automatically keeps your EV charging operation within your electric power constraints

Whether you need to operate few or many EV charging posts, Pulse-EV™ will manage your EV charge process, within the limits of your electricity supply.

Pulse BMS

Pulse EV™ provides your operator, an easy to use monitoring and control interface

No special skills or complicated training is required in order to operate the system, which provides in-software visual guidance for the operators.


Pulse EV™ provides a scalable solution, for expanding your system as required

Pulse EV™ was designed to allow expansion according to the growing needs of your organization. Therefore, the basic system can be expanded to any number of EVSE sockets as required.

pulse studio

for application development and maintenance

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pulse exucutive

for managerial insights and analytics, and additional addons specifically chosen for EV applications and EVSE support.

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pulse professional

for runtime execution on site

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pulse enterprise

for runtime execution on site

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pulse connected

for runtime execution on site

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